In 21 years from idea to a company with hundreds of employees

Being established originally as a company specialized in the trade of vehicle parts and sub-assemblies, International Lazar Company distinguished later on the market of the international transport services as a serious, adaptable and quick partner.

The exponential extension of the fleet proved to be a need in order to keep pace with the evolution of the specific business environment and to maintain the quality, responsiveness and flexibility standards of the company.

What brought us to our present position?

  • an efficient management
  • a competitive marketing policy
  • a vigorous, diligent and professional team
  • high quality standards

These are the reasons for which the company name is associated at present with: Hoedlmayr, Viator-Vektor, Dacia-Renault, TRW Lucas, Bat Bascov, Agromec Topoloveni, Mecanpetrol Gaesti.

Success philosophy

Any successful story originated in an individual's vision, in his talent to discover and explore opportunities, in his knowledge to join and motivate an united team and not the least, in his courage and incredible, beautiful folly to assume the risk.